Aino from Helsinki is like many people worldwide. He had gradually gained weight over time. And at 36 years old, due to his weight, he began to experience health problems.

Excess weight can have many adverse health effects, such as heart complications, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, some types of cancer, and a slow decline in one’s quality of life.

The emotional and physical effects may start to take their toll. Perhaps you’ve withdrawn from your normal activities. You might feel tired all the time. Or maybe you don’t feel desirable, anymore. You may feel your life slipping out of your control.

You are not alone. And there is a solution.

Frequently, these health problems can serve as a major wake-up call. For Aino, that’s exactly what it was. He made a decision. He decided to take back control of his life.

He was recommended by a friend who worked in the healthcare field to contact Health Travel Guide for consultation regarding Weight Loss Surgery. Our team performed a thorough consultation and psychological evaluation with Aino to determine his eligibility for surgery. From this, Aino and his doctors determined that Gastric Bypass would be his best option. Gastric Bypass involves dividing the stomach into a smaller pouch. This limits what one can consume and consequently, helps not only drop the excess weight but maintain it.

At Health Travel Guide, we guide you through the entire process – arranging transfer between the airport to the hotel and the hospital. Considering many may lack their immediate support system close by, our team strives to convey a supportive and helpful environment throughout your stay and your procedure.

Aino refers to his choice as

“the best decision he has ever made”.

Following her Gastric Bypass surgery, she and her doctor put together a suitable diet and recommendations on exercise to follow. She says she is back out in the dating field and goes for jogs every week. In his own words,

“I am reborn.”

His advice for anyone struggling with similar weight issues? “I encourage you to contact Health Travel Guide – I’m glad that I did.”

Health Travel Guide offers a cost-effective solution to your weight loss goals. With world-class service and an experienced team of doctors and surgeons, we strive to deliver the best travel medical service. For more information, contact us today! Lose the weight, take back control, and start creating the life you have always wanted to.

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