Boost your beauty with breast augmentation

Breast enlargement or augmentation is not simply a surgical procedure to get a bigger bust, but is also considered to be a way to perfect and empower oneself.

Breasts are culturally a symbol of femininity and beauty after all, and getting the desired size is simpler and more comfortable than ever. Feeling attractive and attaining your desired look greatly improves self-esteem and helps with a more positive outlook on life.

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How it works

Breast augmentation remains as one of the most popular beauty procedures of all time. While implants for the bust have been used since the 19th century, the modern breast implant was invented in the 1960s and has been perfected ever since. Structurally, implants are very simple objects meant to fit with and within your body, made out of silicone. Two liquids are used nowadays as fillings within the implant, which are silicone gel and saline.

During the operation, incisions are typically made under the breast (around the nipple or under your arm may also be more optimal for your body type) and the surgeon creates a pocket between muscle and breast tissue, or under the muscle. The implant will be placed within this pocket and fitted for symmetry.

The recent decade has brought many improvements in how breast implants feel and how long they last. With the help of a professional surgeon and choosing the right type of implant, any risk of discomfort can be minimized. Typically, breast implants last up to a decade, but some recent options may push any ‘expiration dates’ further.

Why choose breast augmentation?

  • Get the perfect size – with the help of the surgeon, you can find the size that fits you the most.
  • Fixing asymmetry – not everyone is born with a balanced bust. Undesirable changes can also happen over the years, which can be corrected.
  • Boost your self-image – the majority of women who undergo breast enlargement procedure report feeling pleased with their choice and the results.
  • Get a youthful look – whether it be motherhood, weight change or just the passing of years, breasts can decrease in size over time but they need not stay this way.

Please note. Breast enlargement differs from the breast lift procedure. Breast implants can help with issues like sagging and overall stretching of skin, but will not prevent the problem from occurring. Asymmetry may also be better corrected with a breast lift. Consult your surgeon about which procedure is best for you, or whether using both of them would bring the most desirable result.

Silicone or saline breast implants?

Both types of breast implants are safe to use and have only minor differences.  Patients often report silicone feels more natural and softer. This can be because the implant uses a specific type of silicone gel, which flows and responds more freely under the touch. Silicone remains a popular choice and has few risks. In the rare event of damage, the gel poses no danger to the body.

When choosing saline or sterile saltwater, the solution is put into the breast implants after they have been inserted. Saline may have a more firmer effect with the implant. Some saline implants may be adjustable in size after the surgery. It has an even lesser chance of leaking and in that rare event, the fluid inside would simply be absorbed into the body.

The B-Lite lightweight breast implants

Development has never stopped in this field, which means a lot of great options for you. One of these is a new type of silicone implant, which has been making waves in Europe over the recent years.

The B-Lite breast implant boasts a 30% lighter weight than other popularly used silicone implants, which means:

  • Greater comfort in adjusting with the new size of your bust
  • A more natural feel under the touch
  • Gravity will have lesser effect on the skin of your bust
  • The youthful appearance of your bust will last longer
  • Easier and shorter recovery time from surgery

A great amount of attention has been given to the structure of the implant itself. The gel used is more cohesive than common silicone and bonds better to the outer shell, meaning a lighter feel and an even esser chance of leaking.

Consultation for your breast enlargement procedure

Professional breast augmentation service always includes prior consultation with your surgeon of choice about your options, also going over how to prepare for the procedure and any potential risks. This is the time for you to describe your desired bust size and ask any questions that might come to mind about the operation.

Your surgeon will examine you, respond to any concerns and tell you what size and type of implants might best suit your wishes and be the most comfortable for you. What the breast enlargement procedure exactly involves depends all on what you want and your body allows. A good surgeon makes it not only about the mechanics of the whole process, but also tries to understand which result might make you happiest.

Prior to the surgery, a blood test and an ultrasound of your breasts or a mammographic screening will be required. The surgeon may ask about any medications you might be taking or lifestyle activities that may affect the operation.

Recovery and risks

Breast enlargement procedures can typically last from 30 minutes up to 2 hours and are done under general anesthesia. An overnight stay at the clinic is typically preferable for the wellbeing of the patient.

Your breasts will initially be bandaged, most stitches will absorb into your body but may require removal after two weeks. Under professional care, scarring will be minimal or virtually non-existent. Pain and discomfort will likely be present for the first few days, but will gradually subside.

Plastic surgeons recommend taking a week off after breast augmentation surgery to facilitate healing and wellness, typical activities may resume after a few days. Activities that impact your bust such as certain sports or heavy lifting should be avoided for up to six weeks.

Pain and discomfort can be alleviated with medication after the breast enlargement operation. You may experience a change in sensation with your breasts which generally subsides over time. Check-ups after surgery are typical practice and can help in case of rare risks such pain persisting, bleeding, infections or ruptures.

Breast implants may affect breastfeeding and mammographic screening. While any issues that might emerge are very rare under professional care, ask your surgeon of choice about the risks to help you make a conscious decision. Your well-being and satisfaction with the results is the end goal for breast augmentation, not simply a bigger bust.

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