Dr. Rein Adamson

Dr. Rein Adamson has been a practising surgeon for nearly 40 years and has worked in Estonia’s largest public and private hospitals. Today, Dr. Adamson is one of Estonia’s leading bariatric surgeons and one of the most experienced body contouring surgeons.

He performs a variety of aesthetic surgeries (abdominoplasty, liposuction, thigh lift, etc.)

Dr. Siim Simmo

Dr. Simmo is a uniquely trained, highly sought-after top plastic surgeon with diverse skills. Dr. Simmo is the only plastic surgeon in Estonia who has completed the joint specialisation programme of Nordic plastic surgeons, which involves taking a national speciality examination in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. 

Among other things, he specialises in breast surgery and face, neck and eyelid corrections.

Dr. Jaan Troost

Dr. Jaan Troost is a highly experienced surgeon who began performing plastic surgeries as early as 1995. He has worked as a general surgeon for more than 40 years. From 1980-2010, he managed the Surgery Department of West Tallinn Central Hospital, and he continues to dedicate himself to helping his patients.

He performs more than 400 plastic surgeries per year and is mainly focused on breast surgeries.

Dr. Aet Saarts

Dr. Aet Saarts is an ear, nose and throat doctor who has performed rhinoplasty surgeries since 2002. Today, she is one of the leading and most experienced Estonian nose surgeons in her field.

She performs more than 60 rhinoplasty surgeries annually.

Dr. Martin Adamson

Dr. Martin Adamson is an experienced bariatric and abdominal wall reconstruction surgeon. 

He specialises in bariatric surgery and abdominal wall reconstruction and focused on safe surgery and achieving the best functional and aesthetic results. Additionally, he specialises in lipofilling.

Dr. Mart Eller

Dr Mart Eller is a plastic surgeon with extensive knowledge and practical skills. He has worked as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at SA Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikum (Tartu University Hospital) since 2011.

His daily work includes seeing many patients who are undergoing breast reconstruction surgery after breast cancer.

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