Why Estonia?

The medical services in Estonia are world-class at a competitive price. Over the recent years, there has been a great increase in the amount of travelers from Western Europe and the Nordic countries getting treatments here. Want to know why? Read on.

Skip the local waiting lists

The most commonly reported reason why patients prefer to receive medical treatments abroad is the long waiting lists for surgeries and procedures in their own country. Time is often crucial when improving your quality of life, especially when waiting for bariatric treatments, for example. Health issues wrought by high body weight are not something to just sit on and it is completely natural to want quicker solutions.

With just about over a million people living in Estonia and hundreds of medical specialists graduating from the University of Tartu’s Faculty of Medicine every year, the system is not overburdened in this field. The time it takes for you to get in contact with a specialist and onto the operating table can be much faster than in your own country.

Low risk and top quality medical treatments

Several clinics in Estonia specialized in both beauty and bariatric treatments staff surgeons who perform hundreds of surgeries every year, maintaining also a very low risk of complications. For people from abroad looking for medical treatments in Estonia, the currently rooted standard of service means, besides the procedure itself:

  • Thorough consultation with your surgeon
  • Taking care of your accommodations
  • Meeting your needs throughout your trip
  • Setting you on the way home with information and tips on life after the procedure
  • Follow-up consultations after the procedure

The goal of the medical services offered in Estonia are to ensure you are heard, safe and ready to start your new life.

Why Estonia?

Simply put, our goal is to bring people together with a medical service they need at a lower cost. Why? Locals often take it to heart to spread the word about what’s good around here and worth sharing with others. Our years of work with various companies has made us well-connected to a variety of professionals and the medical field has just been something that’s always impressed us the most.

Bariatric surgery changes lives, it can improve your quality of life and even help overcome major conditions. Medical tourism into the Baltics has grown exponentially in the past few years, particularly when it comes to bariatrics, and with good reason. We can help you find a suitable professional and receive consultation for getting the procedure best-suited to your needs.

Take time out for yourself

Nowadays it is simpler than ever to take time out and turn your life around. Estonia is an excellent destination for this kind of journey to wellness. Small cozy places are perfect for focusing just on yourself, and Estonia is exactly that. For medical procedures that improve your quality of life, it is crucial to have this time away from everyday hassles. Taking a trip out to a country, where crowds, traffic or queues never even come close to that of major cities in the world, is perfect for it, since everything is always within reach, affordable and accessible.

Bariatric surgery and beauty procedures in Estonia are conducted both within top quality public and private clinics, depending on your own choice of service. The quality of service and the professionalism of medical specialists is comparative to the healthcare standards of the Nordic countries. The surgery itself is but one step, making sure your needs are heard and met both prior and after the procedure is the goal of every specialist you will meet.

What about the country itself?

Estonia’s highly advanced medical system owes a lot to its history. The aftershock of the fall of the Soviet Union was actually fertile ground for ingenious solutions. Nowadays, a lot of public services are digitized, from voting to tax returns, and indeed, even the paperwork and prescription parts of the medical system.

The country boasts a high amount of startups and the IT scene is bustling to say the least, but sadly the myth about local trees giving off WiFi is (not yet) true. Though you might notice good 4G coverage during your stay, and free public WiFi is a fairly common standard in centres and various establishments.

We hope you get the chance to enjoy more of what the country has to offer during your trip. If not, you will always be welcome to come back and at least check out Tallinn’s Old Town!


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