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There are several procedures that comprise the field of bariatric surgery. All function by limiting the amount of food you can normally ingest through reducing the size of your stomach, restructuring it permanently or temporarily, or by adding medical devices in order to make it full faster.

Whatever you may choose, it is not a cheat code for making you thinner, as recovery from the procedure and your new diet can be real challenges. However, it will act as a major boost for changing your lifestyle for the better.

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First-glance overview

Gastric Bypass Gastric Sleeve Gastric Band Gastric Plication Gastric Balloon
Procedure Directs a smaller part of the stomach into the intestines. Removes a large part of your stomach, creating a sleeve. Attaches a band around your stomach. Folds your stomach into a sleeve. Inserts a balloon filled with liquid into your stomach.
Expected loss of excess weight (within 2 years) 70-80% 60-70% 40-50% 30-55% Dependant on your lifestyle change
Does it affect the digestive tract? Yes No No No No
Is it reversible? Yes No Yes Yes (for ~1 year after the procedure) Yes (can be used for 6 months up to a year)
Recovery time 4 to 8 weeks 4 to 6 weeks 3 to 4 weeks Up to 4 weeks. Up to 2 weeks

Bariatric surgery recommendations

Bariatric surgery is recommended for you when:

  • You have a BMI 40 or greater.
  • You have a BMI 30 or greater, with at least one or more comorbid conditions:
    • Type II diabetes
    • Hypertension
    • Arthritis
    • Sleep apnoea
    • Heart disease
    • Gastrointestinal disorder
    • Liver disease
  • Previous attempts at exercise and diet have failed.

Whether or not bariatric surgery is your best option, and which procedure would be most suitable, will be determined through initial consultation with your surgeon of choice.

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