Health Travel Guide is run by enthusiasts in the medical tourism field. We have seen first hand what the Baltic countries have to offer when it comes to both leisure and healthcare and have taken it upon ourselves to introduce it abroad.

Post-Soviet countries are actually at a major advantage with high quality professionals and lower costs when compared to the rest of Europe. In the bariatric surgery field alone, you might see prices that are twice as cheap when comparing to those in the UK without any loss whatsoever in quality of service.

Our goal

Simply put, our goal is to bring people together with a medical service they need at a lower cost. Why? Locals often take it to heart to spread the word about what’s good around here and worth sharing with others. Our years of work with various companies has made us well-connected to a variety of professionals and the medical field has just been something that’s always impressed us the most.

Bariatric surgery changes lives, it can improve your quality of life and even help overcome major conditions. Medical tourism into the Baltics has grown exponentially in the past few years, particularly when it comes to bariatrics, and with good reason. We can help you find a suitable professional and receive consultation for getting the procedure best-suited to your needs.

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